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This is Part-3 of the series where we'll cover how to get started in Wholesaling, Flipping, and Buy and hold.

In episode 42 of An Investors Journey Podcast, I want to cover How To Buy Rentals!

DISCLAIMER: We are very biased with rentals WE believe it is the best way to build true wealth and financial freedom.

We'll share with you the 20,000-foot view of HOW we buy our rentals. What we look for and how we analyze them.

In this episode I will cover:

  • Benefits of buy and holds
  • Tax advantages
  • Should you quit your job?
  • ARV vs Rent-Ready Value
  • 80% minus repairs formula
  • Scope Of Work
  • Keeping the future in mind when renovating
  • Getting your financing lined up
  • Turnkey vs BRRRR
  • Renting
  • Self manage vs PM
  • Welcome packets
  • What NOT to do when Refinancing
  • What to do next...

Listen to this episode a couple of times along with the episodes in Related Episode section below to become better prepared when buying your next rental.

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