How To Combine a Sub-To With The BRRRR Strategy - AIJ033

In this episode 33 of An Investors Journey Podcast, we go do a How-To Combine a Sub-To With The BRRRR Strategy!

We recently had a chance to purchase a house with terms (Sub-to) and refinance it to keep it as a rental.

We were looking to pick it up Sub-to and get a 2nd loan for the repairs and then we wanted to see if we can refinance 2 loans together.

The issue we were facing was when started to call out network about seeing if this was possible we got all "I don't know" answers.

So we sat down and looked at our worst-case scenario. This was if we can't refinance we'll just go ahead and flip it.

As a flip it might have generated $20K which is not bad but we wanted to keep this one because of its location.

Either way, it was going to definitely be a great lesson and something we can now share with you.

In San Antonio, if you can buy a house where it's ARV (After Repaired Value) is between $130K-$180K in a nice area of town you definitely want to hold on to it. You will see great appreciation over the coming years.

In the video we cover:

  • How we found it
  • Why we decided to do it as a Sub-to instead of a cash buy
  • The way we ran all of our numbers
  • Problems we faced with title
  • The renovation we did
  • What we rented for
  • The final numbers

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Hope you enjoy this episode and please share.

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