Tips From The Pros | The How-To Go Full-Time To 18 Rentals In 8 Years | Veronica and Will Pritchett

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Tips From The Pros | The How-To Go Full-Time To 18 Rentals In 8 Years | Veronica and Will Pritchett

Our goal with these episodes is to share with you in these uncertain times not only what the seasoned investors are seeing but also what strategies they recommend will work the best.

The best part of these interviews is that they are LIVE! This means you can join us and ask any questions you may have.

Show Notes

On Tuesday's interview, we brought on Veronica and Will Pritchett. This was a very fun interview with a TON of real value!

We covered:

  • How he got started
  • Why Buy and Holds
  • What types of rentals they target
  • How they find them
  • The analysis of them
  • Funding
  • Renting
  • Management
  • Refinancing
  • How covid has affected them
  • What their plans are moving forward
  • Advice to new investors

Don't miss our LIVE Tips From The Pros as we continue to bring you people with decades of experience sharing their unbelievable wisdom.

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