How To FIND Cash Buyers in 2020 (From Home)

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PRYME Homes · How To FIND Cash Buyers In 2020 | An Investors Journey


Here's the Checklist: 📕

Two things you need when wholesaling houses

1️⃣ Qualified Leads

2️⃣ Qualified Buyers

This video is part of a series on finding cash buyers in 2020.

Are you struggling to find cash buyers since networking has been shut down?!

⚡️In this video, I will share 3 Ways you can find them w/o leaving your house…

COVID has made not being able to network in person impossible. This was the best way to find everyone and anyone you ever need for your real estate investing business.

So, how do you do this from home?

1️⃣ You use Zillow/MLS

2️⃣ Use Facebook

3️⃣ Fake Ads These are NOT very typical ways but they DO WORK!


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