🀩NEW Strategies For Investing In The Texas Real Estate Market | Coffee With The Johns Season 2 Ep.2

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Wondering what's happening to the good deals for buying houses?

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we'll show you how to PIVOT and where the money is currently being made!


What does the extension of the national eviction moratorium through September 2021 mean for real estate investing?
βœ… How the NEW Stimulus will impact the real estate market.
βœ… How to pivot as a real estate investor in 2021 ⭐
βœ… Stop Wholesaling and Start Wholetailing ⭐
βœ… Banks are doing drive-by appraisals for Home Buyers!!
βœ… What will happen to student loans this year?
βœ… Private Money Lenders Beware! ⭐
βœ… Huge real estate investing potential developing in the downtown San Antonio Market.
βœ… How forcing minimum wage to rise could destroy small businesses and middle America.
βœ… Expect more Civil Unrest for 2021 with emotions running real high
βœ… Big tech Amazon, Google, and Facebook have chosen a side, and if you don't agree they will mute you! 🀐
βœ… A NEW Internet may be coming very soon.
βœ… NYC moves to terminate Trump Organization contracts after Capitol riot
βœ… Companies are telling you who to support or you won't have a job!
βœ… Head Of Instagram Admits Facebook Bias: β€˜We’re Not Neutral' 🀯
βœ… In response to Capitol rioting, Musk weighs in on Big Tech censorship

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πŸ“° Biden calls for extending national eviction moratorium through September 2021 as part of $1.9 trillion stimulusΒ 


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