Coffee With The Jo(h)n's | Real Estate Crash 2020 And Real Estate Tips LIVE | Ep2

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PRYME Homes ยท Coffee With The Jo(h)n's | Real Estate Crash 2020 And Real Estate Tips LIVE | Ep2

Every Friday morning we will be going LIVEย  to discuss:

โšก๏ธCurrent Real Estate News Affecting Your Investments
โšก๏ธNew Tactics We're Learning And Strategies That Work NOW
โšก๏ธQ&A To Answer ANY Question You May Have About Real Estate Investing

The 2020 real estate market has been changing so quickly since COVID happened.

By going LIVE on Youtube every Friday we'll be able to bring the freshest news with some added commentary ๐Ÿ˜‰

๐ŸšจAlso, because of COVID (AGAIN), we have NOT been able to get out there and network like we used to. So many of you have been wanting to ask us questions, well now you can. EVERY FRIDAY!!

If you're worried about a housing crash, we'll spot it before it hits.


NY TIMES Article On COVID Tests

Despite Protections Mass Evictions Are Predicted

Trump moves to ban evictions nationwide through December

Average U.S. 30-year mortgage rate rises this week

Landlords take San Antonio tenants to court over rent during pandemic


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