Can You Succeed In Your Real Estate Investing Without Networking? [TRAINING]

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PRYME Homes · Can You Succeed In Your Real Estate Investing Without Networking

If you’re struggling to find deals, buyers, lenders, or partners then this episode is FOR YOU!

Since this pandemic hit, networking has been SHUT DOWN. 😭

📢 In real estate investing networking is how we make things happen! If you didn’t know this then chances are you have not been making ANYTHING happen.

🔥 I’m going to share with you not just where you can go network but how to do it CORRECTLY also!

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I’ve said this a bunch of times… NETWORKING IS HOW YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS! 🔑

Even before the pandemic people were doing this all wrong and I’ve created videos on how to correct this.

But now we can’t even practice these cool networking tips I shared because there’s nowhere to network.

This is a real problem… or is it?! 🤔

I think this is when most people who have been struggling with how to network correctly can flourish!

So, where can you network? ONLINE!

🛑 Now… before you shut this off because I just triggered something inside you hear me out.

We don’t get to pick where the attention is, we just have to seek it out and use it to our advantage. Right now, because of these shutdowns, and it seems like more are coming, everyone’s attention is online.

Why not use that and continue to grow your business?

👋If you’re still not sold then go ahead and give me a thumbs down and go watch another fluff video to make you feel better about why you’re failing in real estate.

For everyone else… grab on! 🎢


I’ll first cover WHERE online you want to network and then HOW to network correctly in each one and finally WHEN to do this.



Where online can you do this? There are two main places for real estate investors…

1️⃣ Facebook (Everyone’s favorite personal data collection agency 🤣)

🚀Facebook right now has over 2.7B active monthly users!

Let’s set up your Facebook:

🔷 If you already have a Facebook profile you MUST convert it to a Facebook page! The link is below on how to do this. If you don’t have one create one and then convert it.

↳ The reason for this is this is where your BUSINESS brand lives.

↳ No more cat videos

↳ No more political rants

↳ No more pictures of your family

↳ You’re not a businessman you’re a business MAN or woman.

🔷 Now start searching groups that are local to you and are about real estate investing.

↳ You can sometimes niche down to wholesaling groups, flipping, etc...

🔷 Join these groups as your new BUSINESS PG not personal.

🔷 Once in the groups start networking.



🔷 If you already have an account create one

🔷 Optimize your profile

🔷 Now, jump into the forums and start looking for posts that best serve you.

🔷 You can also set alerts for certain keywords that you want to be notified about so you don’t miss anything.


Now, how to do networking in these two places correctly…

🔷 Think about bringing value FIRST!

↳ This means you don’t only get there to take care of your needs. This won’t help in building your brand or credibility.

↳ People remember those that help(hence why we do what we do 😉)

↳ If you’re a wholesaler and another wholesaler is asking a question about marketing try to give your 2 cents.

↳ You don’t have to be Pro to help out. Just sharing your experience is enough.

↳ If you’re a rehabber or landlord go in there contribute your knowledge with newer investors.

🔷 Always participate

↳ It’s not enough to just be in the group or on FB, you must participate and engage so people see you.

↳ This a point I always hammer on in networking, what’s the point of going to a networking event and sitting in a corner not talking to anyone?!

↳ If people don’t know you exist they can’t work with you

🔷 Ask questions

↳ Don’t just put out how amazing and smart you are… ask engaging questions

↳ Again the goal is the more people know you the better your chances at getting what you need.


When can you do this? I’m glad you asked…

🔷 When were the networking events you used to go to? Ok, now do it during those times!

🔷 This is no different than going to an event. Well… the biggest difference is that you don’t have to sit through any dry sales pitches from whoever organized it.

🔷 It will also take you A LOT less time than you would have spent at an event.

🔷 You don’t have to talk to someone you don't want to!

🔷 Take some breaks throughout the day to do this.

WARNING: I strongly recommend you set an alarm before starting… very addicting!


Found someone that you feel can very helpful to your business?

  • Take the extra step and start a private conversation with them.
  • Click on their name and hit the message option.
  • It may help to friend them too.
  • Also, remember to think about providing value, not just how they can help you.


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