Why You Should Be Marketing For Real Estate Deals

How do you market your real estate deals?

Having a marketing strategy for your real estate business is very important, and in this episode of "An Investor's Journey," I'll discuss with you the things you need and don't need to do.



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0:00 ✅ Why You Should Be Marketing For Real Estate Deals

0:15 ✅ Connecting with People

0:54 ✅ Get 3-5 Deals per month

1:17 ✅ 3 Types of Investors

1:24 ✅1st Type: The Voyeurist

2:00 ✅ 2nd Type: Half-Assed Investor

2:29 ✅3rd Type: All-In Investor

4:05 ✅ Wholesalers to Flippers

5:12 ✅ System that Works

5:56 ✅ Get Ready for the Market

6:41 ✅ Reach out as a Business

8:00 ✅ Having a Licensed Real Estate Agent


Here's more on how to invest in real estate:

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