Why Contractors Make Bad Real Estate Investors?

This episode is for you if you're a contractor trying to go into real estate investment or an investor who relies on a contractor to know what to do on repair.

In this episode, I'll go over the issues that contractors experience when rehabbing and how to avoid making the same mistakes on your next project.

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0:00 βœ… Why Contractors Make Bad Real Estate Investors?

0:14 βœ… Misconception about Contractors

2:23 βœ… Text Us "210-794-9898"

3:07 βœ… Contractors don’t know the market like an investor should

4:40 βœ… Difference between an

5:34 βœ… Not all projects are the same…

6:35 βœ… 3 Things to Keep in Mind when Rehabbing a House

6:38 βœ… 1st: Area of Town

7:42 βœ… 2nd: Market Conditions

8:28 βœ… 3rd: Price Point

9:51 βœ… Running Comps

11:03 βœ… How do investors get into trouble depending on a contractor

11:17 βœ… Creating Scope of Work

11:30 βœ… If you're a Contractor, Do This

12:06 βœ… Become an Investor-Friendly Contractor


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