The Best Real Estate CRM For Investors in 2021 | TFTP S2E7

If you've been managing your real estate leads for a while now I'm sure you've experienced how hard it is to find a decent CRM.

Well, in this episode of Tips From The Pros I interviewed the owner of the BEST real estate CRM in the market, REsimpli.


We covered A LOT with Sharad Mehta. Everything from techniques on how to stay focused, work life balance, real estate lead generation, to using REsimpli to manage your WHOLE real estate investing business!


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0:00 📝 The Best Real Estate CRM For Investors in 2021

1:55 📝 Why Sharad Mehta chose Real Estate?

9:30 📝 Motivated Buyers suffer from FOMO

11:30 📝 Focus on one thing, Focus on long-term

12:12 📝 Techniques to stay focused as a real estate investor

15:53 📝 How to get started in real estate investing

20:29 📝 How to find a real estate mentor or coach

23:29 📝 How Sharad's investment evolve?

30:19 📝 New Real Estate Market Post Pandemic

33:12 📝 In real estate investing, slow is fast

34:54 📝 How Sharad finds his deals

38:02 📝 Finding the right people is a challenge

41:48 📝 What is RESimpli, the best CRM for real estate

46:25 📝 How RESimpli is different from other Real Estate CRM's?

55:54 📝 Key features of the RESimpli: Automating follow up, KPIs, Drip Campaigns, SMS, Recorded calls, and much more!

1:00:10 📝 Tracking your metrics is a MUST as an investor

1:02:09 📝 Using REsimpli for Fix and Flip Buyers

1:04:22 📝 Using REsimpli for Buy and Hold Investors

1:04:47 📝 Managing User access on RESimpli

1:08:32 📝 With REsimpli you maintain ownership of EVERY LEAD

1:13:00 📝 REsimpli made us STOP building our own CRM

1:15:27 📝 More Amazing Features coming to RESimpli

1:16:31 📝 Where to get RESimpli?

1:19:12 📝 How does Sharad achieve work life balance

1:28:14 📝 How to access RESimpli?

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