Q2 Texas Real Estate Market Update 2021

The best way to use these quarterly reports is by comparing them to PREVIOUS QUARTERS to determine if we're slowing down or speeding up.

Usually, market data is analyzed year-over-year, but with how crazy 2020 was, the data may not be very accurate. So you would want to compare quarter over quarter, month over month, and even going back to pre-pandemic and comparing to data from that time.


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In this real estate market update, we'll share:

0:00 🚀 Q2 Texas Real Estate Market Update 2021

1:15 🎯 Austin Real Estate Market

8:07 🎯 Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Market

12:22 🎯 Houston Real Estate Market

16:19 🎯 The FULL San Antonio Real Estate Market

18:25 🎯 Fastest-Selling Price Range In San Antonio Real Estate Market

18:25 🎯 Median sales price In San Antonio Real Estate Market

18:44 🎯 Median Rents In San Antonio Real Estate Market

19:58 🎯 Unemployment Rate In San Antonio Real Estate Market

20:47 🎯 Year-over-Year Appreciation In San Antonio Real Estate Market

21:07 🎯 Hottest Price Points In San Antonio Real Estate Market

22:08 🎯 Fastest-Selling Zip Codes In San Antonio Real Estate Market

23:08 🎯 The Worst Zip Codes In San Antonio Real Estate Market

24:25 🔑 What to watch in the Texas real estate market as we move forward into 2021


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