Novation Agreements and Marketing for Deals in 2022 | Coffee With The Johns S03E02

On this week's Coffee with the Johns, we will be going over a "trendy" strategy called Novation Agreement for real estate. It's being pushed as something that can replace wholesaling houses.

We will also cover marketing strategies to generate deals and the impact of rising interest rates on the real estate market for 2022.

Join us LIVE to hear all about what's happening in the real estate market for 2022.



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0:00 ✅ Novation Agreements and Marketing for Deals in 2022 | Coffee With The Johns S03E02

7:00 ✅ Our Recent New Build

10:18 ✅ Join Our Property Tours

11:04 ✅ Novation Agreements in Real Estate

15:00 ✅ What Gurus say about Novation Agreement

16:43 ✅ Pace Morby - Novation Agreements

20:10 ✅ How do they account for an appraisal that might be less than the expected price

21:53 ✅ Why do Wholesalers say it's the best thing?

23:57 ✅ Flip with Rick says no such thing as a Novation Agreement

25:40 ✅ Find a Real Estate Attorney regarding Novation Agreements

27:57 ✅ Pace Morby's 3 Ways on Novation Agreement

28:00 ✅ 1st: Net Listing

34:29 ✅ Should you get your License as a Real Estate Investor? *

36:25 ✅ 2nd Way: Doing an Actual Novation Agreement

36:30 ✅ 3rd Way: Joint Venture Partnership

37:50 ✅ Why Wholesalers coming under Fire

41:07 ✅ How do Homeowners get financially hurt from wholesalers?

47:50 ✅ Reversed Wholesaling *

1:00:00 ✅ Board of Realtors does not like Wholesalers

1:05:10 ✅ Rising Interest Rates

1:09:36 ✅ Difference between current Real Estate Bubble and the 2008 Real Estate Bubble

1:20:26 ✅ What if Regulations are coming down on Landlords

1:21:32 ✅ Getting Rid of Property Taxes in San Antonio

1:27:04 ✅ More People are willing to Pay on Wholesale Deals

1:28:05 ✅ Investors continue to snap up homes at a record rate in 2021

1:35:21 ✅ Don't be a Motivated Buyer

1:33:08 ✅ How to Marketing for Deals in 2022

1:36:44 ✅ Search for Single Wholesalers

1:40:03 ✅ Open Door Lost More Money than Zillow

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