Jerry Norton Wants To Unionize Wholesalers??

So apparently, real estate guru Jerry Norton wants to unionize wholesalers to "protect" them. He's looking to do this by creating the National Real Estate Wholesalers Association.

You can learn a little bit about it here

In this segment from one of our Coffee With The Johns, we covered what they say they want to do and why this will be "great" for wholesalers to be protected.

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0:00 βœ… Jerry Norton Wants To Unionize Wholesalers?

0:40 βœ… Do You Need A Real Estate License for Wholesaling Houses?

2:51 βœ… What is the National Real Estate Wholesalers Association

4:25 βœ… Will Provide "Specialized Training" for Wholesalers

6:02 βœ… All Wholesalers Using the Same Contract

7:12 βœ… Why We Think It's NOT Good

12:10 βœ… They are Determining a "Code of Ethics" the Wholesalers Need to Follow

17:11 βœ… We DO believe Investors Need to Come Together and Fight Regulators

20:45 βœ… Is it Beneficial to be Part National Real Estate Wholesalers Association

28:27 βœ… Let the Free Market be the "Free" Market


Here's more on how to invest in real estate:

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