Is Flipping Houses Still Profitable 2021

If you have been wondering if flipping houses still made sense in 2021 well you’re in the right place!

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2020 was a CRAZY year and 2021 does not look much different.

The Texas real estate market has been bananas 🤪

Since this whole thing started:

✅ We have seen prices JUMP drastically as well as a record level of low inventory.

✅ We have seen a lack of deals and contractors.

✅ We have seen building materials go through the roof!

So it’s fair for you to be asking yourself if it even makes sense to get into or continue flipping houses in 2021.

⚡In this episode, I’m going to go over what changes we have seen, how we’re adapting, and how you can make flipping houses profitable regardless of what happens in the market.


A savvy real estate investor can make money in any market condition.

🔑 The way this is accomplished is by knowing the market you’re in and the strategies that can be used.

This why we stress so much that you MUST know your market and not just rely on what you hear from other investors.

We’ve all heard real estate is always LOCAL. So you must know where the market that you’re looking to invest in is currently at.

In Texas, we’re in a VERY hot market.

Let's look at the following points:

1️⃣ What does a HOT market look like?

2️⃣ Can you actually get deals in your market?

3️⃣ Adjusting your 70% - Repairs Formula

4️⃣ Do you really need to do a FULL rehab?

🚨 WARNING: Don’t flip just to flip!

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