Interest Rate Hike Effect On Real Estate | Coffee With The Johns S03E01

Coffee with the Johns is BACK!!

We're starting off season 3 with a very special guest!

Join us LIVE to hear all about what's happening in the real estate market for 2022.



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0:00 🚀 Interest Rate Hike Effect On Real Estate | Coffee With The Johns S03E01

6:22 ✅ Starting a Real Estate Business without Quitting your Job

8:19 ✅ Andrew's Journey in Real Estate

11:54 ✅ What can make you decide to go into Real Estate Business?

14:22 ✅ How did the Bailouts and Pandemic affect the Economy

18:40 ✅ How to get Diversification in Real Estate

23:05 ✅ How to Produce Cashflow Long-term

26:30 ✅ Starting your Business Foundation First before Speculating

33:42 ✅ Dealing with Assisted Living Facility

37:48 ✅ How did the Airlines recover from Pandemic

46:00 ✅ How have Businesses Adapted in the past 2 Years

50:39 ✅ Effect on Real Estate when Interest Rate Rise

1:03:35 ✅ How will higher interest rates affect the San Antonio Real Estate Market

1:07:17 ✅ Investment Strategies in Real Estate - Owner Financing

1:15:00 ✅ Potential Market Crash for 2022

1:17:28 ✅ The Current Employment Crisis

1:27:51 ✅ AI's Effect on Employment

1:31:00 ✅ Learning New Skills

1:36:48 ✅ Wholesale Regulation Coming

1:40:45 ✅ How to Find Deals with a Full-time Job

1:44:30 ✅ Having your spouse as a Real Estate Business Partner

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