How To Properly Handle Multiple Offers

Understanding how to handle multiple offers in real estate right now, in 2021, has become so crucial!

🛑 Highest offer isn't always the best one! 🛑

To help you come out on top, let’s look at the offer process from the perspective of the seller: What are the seller’s options when there are multiple offers, and what type of offer is most likely to generate the best returns?


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0:00 🚀How To Properly Handle Multiple Offers

0:56 🎯Difference between FHA homebuyer vs. Conventional homebuyer

5:36 🎯The risk of accepting an "over ask offer"

8:30 🎯The TERMS matter more than the price

10:04 🔑Agents need to be educated

11:22 🎯The Appraisal Gap is REAL!

12:48 🎯Buyers are submitting multiple offers

14:20 💰Is that seller going to come after you for $100

15:33 🎯Why would you negotiate the buyer's agent fee

17:59 💰A good Real Estate Agent is worth the $$$

20:16 🔑Understanding all of the variables


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