Best Real Estate Investments For 2021 | Coffee With The Johns S2E21

In today's episode of Coffee With The Johns, we cover a lot of real estate news...Possible stability in the RE market, the actual current cost of building a house, more automation in the job market, Forbearance update,  Plus so much more!

Many real estate investors are feeling hopeless right now because lumber prices are too high, housing inventory is too low, people wholesaling houses are asking too much, and on and on.

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we will share some actual costs of building a new house, opportunities in the Texas real estate market, and many other tips and trends.

The key here is you stay EDUCATED to better protect yourself and your business. You can do that by watching Coffee With The Johns every Friday at 8 AM CST.

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0:00 🚀 Best Real Estate Investments For 2021

7:47 ✅ Is the housing market demand starting to weaken?

16:43 ✅ FHFA extends forbearance for rental properties

20:00✅ Forbearance numbers keep dropping

24:08✅ Fewer people are submitting mortgage applications

27:13 ✅ The end of wholesaling

36:00 ✅ Case Study – We’re gambling on a property

41:14 ✅ Become a REAL Investor - Don't be transactional

44:23 ✅ Grow YOUR network

47:43 ✅ This is not a solo game - Han

49:01 ✅ Get YOUR Real Estate license

53:23 ✅ The TRUE cost of building a new house

1:08:06✅ More than 1,200 homes coming to Southwest San Antonio

1:19:39 ✅ McDonald’s is automating drive-through orders and more

1:26:21 ✅ Self-Driving Truck Completes 950-Mile Trip 10 Hours Faster Than Human Driver

1:37:37 ✅ Lack of truck drives is driving their pay from $40K to $70K!

1:44:27 ✅ $530 million bet against Tesla

1:48:53 ✅ IRS going after the Ultrarich Fleeing to Puerto Rico

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Best Real Estate Investments For 2021 | CWTJ S2E21

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