Tips For Investing In The Texas RE Market - CWTJ S2 E13

In this episode of Coffee with the Johns we talked about 5 ways the housing market will change, Evictions, Tax Break in Texas and Covid passport requirements. 

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0:00   βœ… Title

0:01    βœ… Intro - How this crisis has shifted investing

22:31   βœ… Mortgage Firms Face Foreclosure Ban Until 2022 Under CFPB Plan

35:45  βœ… Five Ways the Housing Market Will Change After the Pandemic

1:00:31 βœ… Florida sues CDC to allow cruises to resume U.S. sailings

1:04:14 βœ… Texas Courts Open Eviction Floodgates: 'We Just Stepped Off A Cliff'

1:18:58 βœ… Uber announces $250 million stimulus to bring back drivers

1:26:55βœ… California-based tech company bringing hundreds of jobs to San Antonio

1:30:48βœ… Tax breaks for developers under scrutiny in San Antonio, Texas capitol

1:41:08 βœ… Homeowners question increasing property taxes, say they will protest

1:48:08βœ… Elon Musk issues 'urgent' plea for more housing in Austin, Texas, as Tesla and SpaceX look to fill hundreds of jobs

1:53:23 βœ… Joe Rogan to open comedy club in West Austin

1:55:56βœ… New York launches nation's first 'vaccine passports.' Others are working on similar ideas, but many details must be worked out.

1:58:23 βœ… Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues order prohibiting state from issuing 'vaccine passports

1:59:55 βœ… Gov. Abbott Bans Government-Mandated Vaccine Passports in Texas | The Texan

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