How Student Loan Forgiveness Can Affect Real Estate

In this episode of Coffee with the Johns we talked about student loan forgiveness, anti-flipping law hurting buyers, & Amazon unionizing. 

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0:00​   ✅How Student Loan Forgiveness Can Affect Real Estate

1:23​    ✅ The Rundown

4:00​   ✅ Join our NEW TEXT Community for Real-Time Insider Tips! TEXT “CWTJ” to 210-794-9898

6:04​   ✅ TikTok Clip went VIRAL and people were NOT happy 😬

14:06​   ✅ Building a new home just got harder 🏗

20:48​  ✅ How Student Loan Forgiveness Can Affect Real Estate

27:45​  ✅ Anti Flipping Law is hurting Buyers with FHA Loans

30:22​  ✅ What is in the Biden Infrastructure Bill

43:07​  ✅ Biggest Threat to the US economy… is it China?

52:14​   ✅ Business world divided on the new Biden Infrastructure Bill

55:31​   ✅ Could Taxing our miles driven be next?

1:02:02​✅ More businesses want people to stop working from home

1:07:53​✅ This Summer might be crazy as the country opens up

1:10:44​ ✅ Ray Dalio warns about Stock Market Bubble popping soon!

1:18:41​  ✅ Whataburger thanks employees with more than $90 million in bonuses

1:23:39​ ✅ Amazon Unionizing???

1:33:50​ ✅ Amazon not paying any Federal Taxes

1:41:40​ ✅ Investor Question on BRRRR Method from out of state

1:52:00​ ✅ Austin RE may be in a bubble.

1:56:13​  ✅ WTF Segment: 3D Printed homes on the Moon!!

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If you're worried about a housing crash, we'll spot it before it hits.

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