Cancel Culture Is Toxic For Businesses

Cancel culture is toxic for businesses and America.

We have gotten so sensitive and triggered by the smallest things that people are starting to lose their jobs because someone's "feelings" got hurt!

We go deep into cancel culture and many other topics on this week's Coffee With The Johns.

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0:00​ ✅ Cancel Culture Is Toxic For Businesses

7:34​ ✅ San Antonio real estate market is on fire 🔥

13:30​ ✅ Foundation Issues in another San Antonio home

27:00​ ✅ Ask for help BEFORE you buy a house 🚨

30:36​ ✅ Private money lending is easier to get

32:46​ ✅ 3rd Stimulus breakdown

37:09​ ✅ Pensions are getting bailed out!

39:36​ ✅ Cancel culture needs to stop.

53:25​ ✅ Should trans people play in sports with the opposite sex

1:02:04​✅ Austin refusing to lift mask mandate gets sued

1:08:00​✅ San Antonio businesses are finding a loophole for mask mandate

1:13:42​✅ Texas economy is on fire

1:23:35​✅ What are NFTs ⭐

1:48:45​✅ No more sharing Netflix passwords 😭

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Cancel Culture Is Toxic For Businesses S2E9

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