How Real Estate Can Protect You Against The Coming Inflation 2021

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we discussed that we are starting to see signs of significant inflation coming this year! As inflation grows, real estate investing will be one of the few options available to you. In this week's episode, we will discuss what we're seeing and HOW you can protect yourself.  We will also be covering the trends and strategies developing to help you invest better in 2021.

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0:00​​ ✅ How Real Estate Can Protect You Against The Coming Inflation 2021

4:56​​ ✅ Snowvid 2021 Hits Texas ❄

13:10​   ✅ Personal Accountability is dying FAST ☠ 

24:05​    ✅ Ercot is responsible for Texas Power Outage ⚡   

54:22​    ✅ Gavin Newsom trying to buy his stay with more stimulus

1:03:36​ ✅ $15 minimum wage not coming... yet 😅

1:12:28​ ✅ Unemployment Update: Entry-level jobs being eliminated 🚨

1:24:24​ ✅ What we know about economics the Jerome Powell is changing 🤦‍♂️

1:31:17​ ✅ Eviction Moratorium Extention = NO FORECLOSURES IN 2021 🚫

1:47:42​ ✅ Coronavirus Update : It'll all be over by April 2021 🦠

1:53:01​ ✅ New Construction Homes slowdown for 2021 🚧


**February 2021 San Antonio Real Estate Market Update**


**New Video this Wednesday**

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