The Downside To $15 Minimum Wage | Coffee With The Johns S2 E6

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we discussed When is the foreclosure crash actually coming?, Gov. Greg Abbott plans to open Texas SOON!,and Possible mortgage crisis coming? We will also be covering the trends and strategies developing to help you invest better in 2021.

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0:00    ✅ The Downside To $15 Minimum Wage

4:56    ✅ Intro | Texas Freeze | Superbowl Recap

15:57​   ✅ Is Bitcoin being manipulated by Elon Musk?

23:58  ✅ Mastercard jumps into cryptocurrency too

27:22    ✅ Is Bitcoin the next Tulip Mania?

34:22   ✅ Don’t California my Texas! Elon says Austin is a mini California. Voter Remorse

41:08    ✅ Stimulus Update!! Should we be doing more stimulus?

46:08   ✅ Unemployment is closer to 10% and NOT 6%

50:30   ✅ $15 Minimum wage will NOT solve anything ⭐

55:00   ✅ Dependency and entitlements are crushing the American dream

59:20    ✅ Raising wages only helps large corporations and crushes small businesses

1:03:00✅ You can’t force people out of poverty

1:06:11​   ✅ Is the US losing global dominance

1:08:45​  ✅ Socialism DOESN’T WORK! ⭐

1:15:03​   ✅ Taxing the rich will not get you anywhere

1:20:37​  ✅ San Antonio Living is attracting more business and people

1:28:20​  ✅ When is the foreclosure crash actually coming? ⭐

1:35:14​  ✅ People are not using stimulus payments to pay their mortgage, rents, or student loans

1:40:10​  ✅ Possible mortgage crisis coming

1:48:25​  ✅ Iowa is done with the shutdowns

1:49:48​  ✅ Gov. Greg Abbott plans to open Texas SOON!


***January 2021 San Antonio Market Update


**New Video this Wednesday**

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