How To Work With An Inexperienced Real Estate Agent When Flipping Houses

When you’re buying and selling houses an inexperienced real estate agent can really block your deals.

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In our years of buying and selling real estate, we have had the privilege of working with some really terrible agents.

In this video, I’ll not only share those stories but also show you how to overcome them and still get the deal done. I’ll also show you what it is we do to avoid this problem altogether.

Make sure you stick around till the end as I’ll share with you how to get real estate agents bringing you great deals.

The real estate agent that causes the most trouble is the NEW real estate agent.

They don’t understand the market yet, the properties, and how it all works.

👉The Inexperienced Real Estate Agent👈

Real Estate Agents must set and manage the expectations of their clients. But when the agent is either new or hungry for a commission this DOESN’T happen.

The buyers come wanting rainbows and unicorns and instead of the real estate agent saying, “Well how about we go for what the market can actually provide?”

The Solution 🎯

You have to educate these realtors first before they bring anyone to the house.

You tell them what work has been done, what work hasn’t been done.

It’s now YOUR job to help these realtors set the right expectations.

⚡REAL LIFE Example

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