How To Vet Contractors? πŸ€”

Understanding how to vet contractors properly will make or break your rehab.

If all of this is a lot of work for you, don't do this. It's risky. If you hire the wrong contractor you can get sued, you can lose the house and hundreds of thousands of dollars! πŸ’―


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0:00 βœ… How To Vet Contractors

0:55 βœ… Ticking Time Bomb

1:11 βœ… Cheat Sheet on How To Hire Contractors

1:58 βœ… Interviewing Contractors

2:36 βœ… Questions To Ask Contractors

3:02 βœ… What Have You've Been Doing The Longest?

3:35 βœ… Working with GC's (General Contractors)

4:25 βœ… Are You Licensed?

6:03 βœ… What Are Your Work Hours?

7:22 βœ… How Many Projects Are You Currently Working On?

8:15 βœ… Understanding The Process

8:37 βœ… Start Researching

9:16 βœ… Ask What You Need To Know That You're Not Aware Of

9:58 βœ… What Are The Best Ways To Do The Search

10:23 βœ… Search On Google

10:50 βœ… Check References

12:17 βœ… Check Previous Projects

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