How To Succeed With Direct Mail Marketing - AIJ003

In this episode, we cover how to succeed with Direct Mail Marketing
Here we cover why you should use direct mail, how to use direct mail, why people fail with direct mail. Why you shouldn't stop once you get a deal. Setting the right budget. Who to market too. How to keep motivated after months of no returns. Taking the initial calls.
Action Steps:
~Select a List(Probate, tax delinquents, absentee, driving for dollars, etc)
~Set your budget and stick to it
~Select a marketing piece that will always be the same
~Mail out for at least 12 months to the SAME list
~If you decide to market to another list start a new campaign but DON'T stop your previous one.
~Be patient
~Answer every call
~Reach out to a savvy investor if you need help ONCE you've set an appointment
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