How to Prepare to go Driving For Dollars? πŸš—

You can't get leads until you PUT IN THE TIME to do the research and go around the neighborhoods.

If you're thinking about going driving for dollars, watch this first!


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0:00 βœ… How to Prep to go Driving For Dollars πŸš—

0:59 βœ… What Happens when You're Not Tracking You're Drive Correctly

1:17 βœ… Free Option to Track You're Driving for Dollars

2:18 βœ… Paid Version to Track You're Driving for Dollars

2:44 βœ… What Day and Time to Go Driving for Dollars

4:01 βœ… Schedule the Amount if Time when Driving for Dollars

5:05 βœ… Pack Snacks and Water

6:25 βœ… Take Note! πŸ“

6:55 βœ… Why do people say DON'T do D4$

8:06 βœ… What's needed

9:50 βœ…How can YOU learn more so YOU can do MORE


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