How To Prepare For The Coming Real Estate Crash 2022 | Coffee With the Johns S03E4

In this week's Coffee With The Johns, we will be talking about the effects of higher interest rates on the real estate market, why the market is cooling down, and how to protect and prepare yourself for the coming crash that EVERYONE is talking about!

Join us LIVE to participate and ask questions!

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0:00 βœ… How To Prepare For The Coming Real Estate Crash 2022 | Coffee With the Johns S03E4

4:02 βœ… San Antonio Real Estate Market

9:18 βœ… Real Estate Marketing with Sellers

13:00 βœ… Is the Market going to CRASH?

19:28 βœ… People can't keep with the rents increase

26:55 βœ… Negative GDP Quarter

32:00 βœ… Interest Rates Rising

39:16 βœ… Don't Jump in In Real Estate

43:10 βœ… Texas is in a Bubble

50:39 βœ… Tax the Rich

53:09 βœ… Reasons why US is in Housing Shortage

1:01:49 βœ… San Antonio Gained The Largest Number of Newcomers 2020-2021

1:05:45 βœ… What impact will the market crash have on your business?

1:10:06 βœ… Multifamily Deals

1:12:45 βœ… Prices of Apartment Increases

1:25:22 βœ… What you need to do when investing in Multifamily

1:32:46 βœ… Law Makers Coming After Investors

1:36:52 βœ… California Housing Speculation Act

1:43:15 βœ… Be Financially Educated

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