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This is Part-2 of the series where we'll cover how to get started in Wholesaling, Flipping, and Buy and hold.

In episode 41 of An Investors Journey Podcast, I want to cover How To Get Started With Flipping!

WARNING: We have met so many people that for one reason or another they want to start their real estate journey in flipping. This we believe is a very big mistake. Flipping is one of the riskiest, most advanced strategies in the real estate space. All of the risks associated with flipping houses cause many first time investors to lose their a$$. This tends to scare them away from investing in real estate altogether which we feel is another big mistake. This is also an issue for more seasoned investors too because they feel they know more than a new one. This causes them to make simple mistakes that end up costing thousands!

All of that being said, IF you still want to do it here's how to do it correctly.

In this episode I will cover:

Things to keep in mind when flipping
How to correctly analyze a deal before buying
Determining TRUE value
Setting up SOW
The actual flip process
Getting contractors
Buying/Sourcing materials
Remembering to budget in the exterior
The sale process
Listing the house
Finding the right agent
Speed matters

Listen to this episode a couple of times along with the episodes in Related Episode section below to become better prepared when flipping houses.

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