How To Do Your OWN Real Estate Market Research For F R E E πŸ”₯

As a real estate investor knowing where to market and where you should be investing is very important.

In this episode, we share everything on the San Antonio real estate market data we pull, how we do so, and how we use that data to invest.


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0:00 πŸš€ How To Do Your OWN Real Estate Market Research For F R E E πŸ”₯

0:57 πŸ”‘ Why do we do Market Updates?

2:11 βœ… What is the real estate market data you actually need?

4:03 βœ… Understanding the current Months of Inventory for your real estate market

6:45 βœ… Why is the Median Price important

7:59 βœ… Why we don't care about Average Price Points

11:02 βœ… You must understand the Unemployment rate in your real estate market

13:35 βœ… Home Builder Confidence drives the market

15:36 βœ… Why we archive our San Antonio Real Estate Market Update

16:43 1️⃣ The MLS is a great source for real estate market data

18:23 2️⃣ Bureau of Labor Statistics

19:56 3️⃣ Texas A&M Real Estate Center

20:47 4️⃣ Check LOCAL Real Estate Agencies

21:47 5️⃣ Google: real estate market update for your city

22:51 🎯 How To Use the Market Data?

27:20 🎯 How to find the RIGHT neighborhoods for rentals

28:47 ⚑ Checking U-Haul prices from one to city to the other

29:10 ⚑ Checking for low Credit score areas

30:18 ⚑ Why school districts don't matter

32:24 🚨 Beware of the opinion from real estate agents

34:22 ⚑ When it comes to Real Estate Investing DON'T BE EMOTIONAL


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