Eviction Moratorium and Forbearance Extensions AGAIN! | Coffee With The Johns S2E29

What will it look like for landlords and homeowners with the new extensions to the eviction moratorium and mortgage forbearances?



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Eviction Moratorium and Forbearance Extensions AGAIN! | Coffee With The Johns S2E29



0:00 🎯 Eviction Moratorium and Forbearance Extensions AGAIN

5:34 🎯 We're back on Groundhog Day

9:29 🎯 Paying 50% fee on the original cost with 12 months of inactivity in the apartment

14:14 🎯 July 2021 Market Update

16:42 🎯 What investors need to keep in mind

18:57 🎯 The federal foreclosure moratorium has ended. Struggling homeowners may still be able to keep their homes.

23:28 🎯 Are you protected under the new eviction ban? Here’s what you need to know

29:37 🎯 Real estate, landlord groups file legal salvo to stop Biden administration’s new eviction moratorium

34:58 🎯 As federal eviction moratorium expires, tenants and rent advocates scramble to obtain state and local rental relief funds

38:56 🎯 Landlords should do this!

42:36 🎯 Eviction Moratoriums

43:35 🎯 Texas ranks high — but behind California — as the destination for remote workers looking to move

52:56 🎯 $60M for 7,900 acres Disney Park?

58:34 🎯 Why is it taking so long for SA?

1:05:03 🎯 The new variant is good for Texas

1:07:13 🎯 Spirit Airlines CEO explains what caused the carrier's meltdown

1:20:58 🎯 Target to pay 100% of college tuition and textbooks in bid to attract workers

1:27:01 🎯 Kids wanting meaningful job since day 1

1:30:50 🎯 Old workers wanting to quit and train new workers

1:32:45 🎯 Could this help control a ramp up on labor shortage?

1:40:49 🎯 Household debt jumps by the most in 14 years to nearly $15 trillion

1:44:44 🎯 Social Security recipients may get the biggest cost-of-living bump in almost 40 years

1:45:20 🎯 Healthy food causes more!

1:49:29 🎯 Prices for used cars, gasoline, food, and airfares are driving inflation

1:52:34 🎯 Treasury to invoke 'extraordinary measures' as Congress misses debt deadline


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