Driving For Dollars In San Antonio 2021 πŸš— [RIDE ALONG]

Driving For Dollars is by far one of the best ways to get a list that FEW real estate investors can actually compete with.

In this episode of An Investors Journey, I will take on a ride-along to see how it is I Driving For Dollars In San Antonio.


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βœ… 0:00 πŸš— Driving For Dollars In San Antonio 2021

βœ… 1:27 πŸš— Determine a Good House vs a Distressed House

βœ… 2:50 πŸš— What to look for on a house when driving for dollars

βœ… 4:06 πŸš— Angled cracks on the brick Vacant houses

βœ… 5:11 πŸš— A Fixed Up House

βœ… 6:56 πŸš— Red Flags many ignore

βœ… 9:31 πŸš— When In Doubt Write It Down

βœ… 10:38 πŸš— Best times to drive for dollars

βœ… 11:20 πŸš— Talk to neighbors

βœ… 12:17 πŸš— Tracking your Driving for Dollars for FREE


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