Clubhouse Hacks For Real Estate Investors

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Here are 3 Hacks to getting the most out of the Clubhouse App:

1️⃣ You must participate!

↪ If people don’t hear from you they can’t work with you

↪ It’s on the phone, not in person or video, stop being so scared.

↪ Your name stays up there once they let you in!

2️⃣ Find the calls you want to learn from

↪ Follow the Moderators Green Star (if they’re good.)

↪ Jump on the calls

↪ Follow up with them afterward through social, email, whatever.

↪ Bring them value!

3️⃣ Start your own room

↪ Pick a topic you want to grow in

↪ Don’t know what to talk about? Partner with someone that does. You just ask the questions and set everything up.

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