Building Wealth With Real Estate Investing In 2021!

The reason many are NOT Building Wealth With Real Estate Investing is that they don't understand Why The Rich Don't Work For Money.

Robert Kiyosaki has always talked about this principle but it's so hard for many to grasp.

In this segment, you will understand how the Real Estate Investing business works. What to do and what NOT to do.


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0:00 💸 Why The Rich Don't Work For Money

1:30 💸 Why you should NOT QUIT QUIT YOUR JOB!

3:08 💸 Why the HIGH turnover with real estate investors

5:15 💸 Understanding how financing works with Real Estate

7:55 💸 Bigger Pockets needs to STOP

9:04 💸 You can't teach EXPERIENCE it must be EARNED

10:19 💸 Real Estate Investment Industry has a lot FLUFF sold

11:08 💸 Difference between Institutional Real Estate Investors and Individual Real Estate Investor

12:35 💸 Who are the people that WORK for MONEY?

13:30 💸 Buy and hold real estate done wrong can be WORSE than flipping

16:55 💸 People who always look for the next money hit

17:49 💸 Who are building WEALTH?

18:18 💸 Build a SYSTEM for checks and balances

19:01 💸 Building a REPEATABLE Process

20:15 💸 Building a TEAM

22:43 💸 How can you scale Real Estate Investing Business

24:17 💸 What it takes to be in Real Estate

26:02 💸 Focus on Building STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS


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