Before You Do ANY House Hacking Watch This! πŸ‘€

We have all heard Biggerpockets talk about the "marvels" of house hacking.

In this episode of An Investors Journey, we share all of the things Bigger pockets doesn't tell you and how to achieve house hacking success!


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0:00 πŸš€ Before You Do ANY House Hacking Watch This! πŸ‘€

0:58 πŸš€ Professional Investors VS Retail Investor

1:46 πŸš€ Can you do this on a Profitable Scale?

2:18 πŸš€ Invest Where The Real Estate Market IS Not Where You Want It To Be

3:55 πŸš€ Too Many Contingencies Can Kill ANY Deal

4:55 πŸš€ Properly calculate your REAL CAPEX

6:35 πŸš€ Why Age of a Home is Important?

9:46 πŸš€ If you're penny-pinching DO NOT BUY A HOUSE!

11:00 πŸš€ Investors VS Speculators Setting Realistic Expectations For House Hacking Success

13:21 πŸš€ Right Way to Buy An Investment Property

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