Before You Partner With A Contractor WATCH THIS

Before You Partner With A Contractor Watch THIS!

It is VERY common to want to partner with a contractor when rehabbing a house.

1. It seems like it’ll be cheaper

2. It seems like they would do a better job

3. It seems like you won’t need to babysit them and on and on…

I’m sure you noticed how I said “SEEMS” and not “IS”.

Not everything is as it seems.

In this episode I will share with you not just the HORROR stories of partnering with a contractor but, if you still want to do it, how to do it the RIGHT WAY!



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0:00​ 🚀 Before You Partner With A Contractor

1:52 🎯 Join our Insider Group TEXT "AIJ" 210-794-9898

2:24 🎯 50+ Houses & 4 Partner Contractors

3:58 🎯 So What's the problem? - #1 Not CHEAP

10:16 🎯 #2 BAD Work

12:04 🎯 #3 Adult Superivervision IS REQUIRED!!!

17:29 🎯 Text "PROPERTY TOUR" to 210-794-9898 & receive an invite for the next tour.

18:00 🎯 How do YOU decrease these problems

18:22 🎯 Detailed WRITTEN Scope of Work

20:30 🎯 Written Agreement of Partnership

23:00 🎯 BE PRESENT

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