Before You Buy Your Rental Property HEAR THIS! | Keynote: Local Meetup

This is a talk we gave to a group of buy and hold investors in Boerne, TX.

We covered the Biggest Misconceptions When Owning Rental Property.

We're always hearing of people from 2 sides of the spectrum:

  1. I don't buy rental property because I don't want to fix toilets.
  2. I've had a rental property for 5 years and haven't set foot inside!

Both of these are terrible!

If done RIGHT, owning rental property is how you build REAL wealth.

Especially in today's market. In 2021, rental property will be one of the best investments to get into.


✅ The ugly truth about property managers and why you self-manage when starting off.

✅ Not doing the math right and buying a rental property that kills your cash flow.

✅ Doing the RIGHT level of repairs.

✅ Screening tenants to get the right ones.

✅ Why ARV is NOT the same as RENT ready.

✅ Understanding what the REAL cash flow is.

A huge shout out to Elizabeth and Todd Nurnberger for inviting us to their BREW: Boerne Real Estate netWorking

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