Before You Buy Your Next Home in San Antonio Watch THIS!

Right now, buying a home has become a leap of faith.

They are not even quite sure about the house they are buying!

Check out the Full Episode of Coffee With The Jo(h)n's: Are You Waiting To Buy A House in 2021?

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0:00 βœ”οΈ 0:00 Before You Buy Your Next Home in San Antonio Watch THIS!

0:47 βœ… The Hardest Part on Buying a Home

1:20 βœ… Factors that Affects When Buying a Home

2:13 βœ… A Retail Home Buyer

2:37 βœ… The Most Common Regret When Buying a House According to the Millennials

4:00 βœ… Difference of a Home Owner and an Investor

5:28 βœ… How Appraisal Works

6:45 βœ… Why Do You Buy a House?

9:13 βœ… The More Money You Put In, The More You're Losing

11:30 βœ… The Reason Why People Criticize Us When Buying a Rental

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