Are Novation Agreements A SCAM? 🚨

We're seeing a lot of gurus talk about the wonders of Novation Agreements for real estate. It's being pushed as something that can replace wholesaling houses.

We have done some research and we don't think this is a strategy new investors should be trying.

Watch this video to learn the Pros and Cons of doing Novation Agreements for real estate investing.



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0:00 βœ… Are Novation Agreements A SCAM? 🚨

2:27 βœ… What is a Novation Agreement in Real Estate?

4:30 βœ… What are the Potential Conflicts?

5:47 βœ… Pace Morby thoughts on Novation Agreements

6:10 βœ… What you should be concerned about

9:16 βœ… How do you account for a low appraisal?

11:00 βœ… Why do Wholesalers say it's the best thing?

12:57 βœ… Flip with Rick: Novation Agreements DOESN'T exist

14:50 βœ… Find a Real Estate Attorney regarding Novation Agreements

16:57 βœ… Pace Morby's 3 Ways on Novation Agreement

17:04 βœ… Way #1: Net Listing

23:34 βœ… Should you get your License as a Real Estate Investor? *

25:30 βœ… Way #2: Doing an Actual Novation

25:35 βœ… Way #3: Joint Venture Partnership

28:19 βœ… Incentivizing people to get into Real Estate

30:14 βœ… How do Homeowners get financially hurt?

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