Are Foreclosures Coming Back?

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PRYME Homes · Are Foreclosures Coming Back?
In this episode, we will be covering Are Foreclosures Coming Back?

Many of you are waiting for this "flood" of foreclosures to come back into the market. I don't think it's going to be quite what you're expecting.

This is NOT a housing crisis... at least not yet.

Many homeowners have a large amount of equity in their homes. They're not going to let that go in foreclosure.

But we do anticipate the foreclosures we're more likely to see is going to lead to more short sales.

If you haven't already please go back and watch the interview we just did with Angie Francis from StepStone Realty. In that interview, we spoke a lot about short sales.

Here are the links to the data discussed in this episode.

Zillow Weekly Market Report: Data Through May 30, 2020

Home Prices Predicted to Decrease in the Next Year
More than 4 million Americans file for jobless aid, bringing pandemic total above 40 million
8.8% of U.S. mortgages are in forbearance
San Antonio Market Trens May 2020

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