3 Ways To Submit An Offer To Sellers

Investors and sellers are concerned about the state of the economy as a result of the recession. They don't know what's going to happen, and they want better deals.

But what's going to matter is how you negotiate and submit your offer.

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0:00 βœ… 3 Ways To Submit An Offer To Sellers

0:18 βœ… Recession

0:38 βœ… How Can You Submit An Offer To Sellers

2:15 βœ… TEXT "YOUTUBE" to 210-794-9898

3:40 βœ… How To Deal With Sellers

4:17 βœ… Option #1 : Over the Phone

4:21 βœ… PRO : Saves Time

4:51 βœ… Con : Not Face to Face

5:55 βœ… Con : Shopping Around

7:04 βœ… When do we submit an offer over the phone?

7:38 βœ… Give Them a DEADLINE

9:27 βœ… Option #2: Submit the Offer LATER

9:42 βœ… PRO : Time To Analyze

10:03 βœ… PRO : Review the COMPS

10:22 βœ… CON : Time to Cool Off

11:38 βœ… Option #3: Submit the Offer at the Appointment

11:51 βœ… PRO : TRUST

12:52 βœ… PRO : Faster Closer

13:57 βœ… CON : Know Your Numbers

15:09 βœ… CON : Need Contracts


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