3 Reasons Why Housing Shortage Will Last For Years

According to Goldman Sachs, there are three areas affecting demand.

1️⃣ Large Millennial Population

2️⃣ Lack of Workers

3️⃣ Rising Foreclosures

In this episode of An Investors Journey, we will discuss these 3 reasons why the housing shortage will last for years.


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0:00 ✅ 3 Reasons Why Housing Shortage Will Last For Years

2:10 ✅ Lack of Supply Hitting the Market

2:45 ✅ Don't Wait for Foreclosures!

4:25 ✅ Mortgage is the Asset!

5:51 ✅ How To Market Foreclosures?

6:30 ✅ Housing Market Bidding War

8:28 ✅ Everybody Wants to get a Deal!


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