You Must Get Your Real Estate License As An Investor In 2021

Do real estate investors need a license? In 2021, you sure do!

I’ve always been a HUGE supporter of saying you do NOT need your real estate license to invest in real estate, to wholesale houses, to buy rentals, or anything else having to do with real estate investing.

BUT… as the market changed so do my strategies.

This is why I always say you MUST take the market where it’s at and NOT where you would like it to be.

You should NEVER be emotional with your business or investments. If the market changes you either adapt or die! It’s your choice!

Being an agent gives you a whole different level of credibility to sellers because as an agent you’re held to a much higher standard by the Board of Realtors.

So what’s changed in the real estate market in 2021 to make me change my mind?


We’ll cover 3 Main Areas Affected: Regulations, Marketing, and Strategies.

📒Show Notes📒

↪ If you have been in real estate for any length of time, you’ve heard of the possibility that some states will require people to have their license in order to wholesale real estate.
↪ You can bet this happening more and more as wholesaling keeps growing.
↪ I’m not saying it’s right or wrong I’m just saying it is what it is.
Adapt or fail!

↪ In many areas of the US, the real estate market has become a seller's market on steroids! This means sellers hold all of the leverage.
↪ This makes it very hard to find motivation enough to contract at a low enough price for a profitable wholesale.
↪ But as an agent, you can offer to LIST it! BOOM!!!
↪ Because it’s such a hot market you don’t even have to be a good agent, you just have to list it and it’ll sell!
↪ Access to expired listings.
↪ You can start marketing to refugees from the East and West Coast this could mean traditional buyers or investors.

↪ Wholetailing Houses
↪ Listing your own flips
↪ Referring deals to other agents (Rentals, listings, buyers)
↪ Representing big money investors
↪ Providing a smooth transition for your sellers from the deal you’re getting to where they’re moving
↪ Helping your tenants
↪ Submitting offers on deals
↪ Working short sales

⚡BONUS TIP: Choosing the RIGHT brokerage.

There are few 🔑 Key points to keep in mind:
🔑 Investor friendly
🔑 Low fees aren’t always the point
🔑 Network
🔑 Leadership
🔑 Growth potential

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