Why Wholesaling Is Getting Banned ☠

Rumors have been going around for quite some time about wholesaling houses getting ban!

Many wholesalers are getting scared on what that means for them.

In this video, we will breakdown, why wholesaling is getting ban and how that should NOT matter to you if you're a wholesaler.

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0:00 Why Wholesaling Is Getting Banned ☠
0:24 Why Real Estate Agents Hate Wholesalers
1:11 What is wholesaling houses
2:30 I don't care if wholesaling gets ban
3:25 Who does the ban of wholesaling houses actually affect
6:06 Many wholesalers don't care if you lose money
8:42 How we handle a speculative deal
9:48 Airbnb downside
11:56 Everyone needs to start with wholesaling houses
12:58 Learn to generate your own real estate leads
13:55 🔑 Don't be a Transactional wholesalers
15:43 🔑 Growing your network will save you
17:53 🔑 Your name & reputation means EVERYTHING
20:25 🔑 Don't do this by yourself
21:43 🔑 Get YOUR Real Estate Agent License
23:04 Bad wholesaling will be ban
24:38 This will be great for real estate investors

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