Understanding the New Build Process In Texas With Seth Teel | Tips From The Pros

When building houses or doing big renovations, dealing with the city is always a big hurdle.

In this episode of Tips from the Pros, we are talking to Seth Teel owner and broker of Somos Real Estate.

Seth brings a unique insight from his time on the Zoning Board of Adjusters for the city of San Antonio.

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0:00 ✅ Understanding the New Build Process In Texas With Seth Teel
0:51  ✅ How has Seth adapted during the pandemic
3:31   ✅ How does Somos Real Estate support Real Estate Agents
7:58   ✅ The current status of Seth's New Build
10:28 ✅ Yes means maybe when dealing with the city
13:14  ✅ Zoning Board of Adjusters for San Antonio
16:18  ✅ How to be sure you're good to build
18:08 ✅ Who can save you the MAJORITY of these headaches 🔥
20:11  ✅ Using the City of San Antonio Website
20:27 ✅ Working with San Antonio City Inspectors
23:09 ✅ Regulations in San Antonio are a big factor in home prices increasing
23:52 ✅ Concerned for Market Correction – “Getting a Little More Liquid”
27:17  ✅ Investing in Airbnb properties
32:39 ✅ How to work with novice real estate agents
33:58 ✅ Where is Seth targeting for his investments
36:25 ✅ How did Seth find his business partner
39:16  ✅ Switching the business model
40:23 ✅ How do you find & vet your contractors
48:13  ✅ The IMPORTANCE of scopes, signed contracts, and paper trails
55:54  ✅ Deals = Networking
57:15   ✅ It’s in the name
58:57   ✅ Are you working on anything for yourself in personal/business
1:0107 ✅ Would you seek out a mentor
1:03:32✅ The importance of Business Owners to care for their health

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