The KISS Of DEATH In Business

In this episode of An Investors Journey Podcast, we want to cover The KISS Of DEATH In Business!

We've have seen so many people hit it big when they're just getting started in real estate or business.

This is what we usually call the Kiss Of Death.

The reason we call it that is, many of the people we've seen hit it big shortly after end up leaving the business.

The issue with hitting it big from the start is that you never build the necessary skills and knowledge to understand what it really takes to succeed.

You will never succeed in business if all you're doing is chasing that next home run and you ignore all the possible single base hits you could have picked up along the way.

We talk about the example, of how is it when someone gets a job they understand they must work hard, gain skills in order to move up. But in business, they think they can succeed fast and easy??

If you're a service company and you think you're a genius because you found a HUGE client right out the gate, you will feel really stupid when either that project is done or they fire you. Now, you find yourself with ZERO clients because you hinged your whole business on ONE big account!

Home runs don't keep the lights on. It's all the base hits that keep you in business.

Your goal has to be to grow your business. You can't do this if you can't duplicate dependable success. You can't get dependable success by occasionally hit a home run.

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