San Antonio Real Estate Market Update May 2021

On this month's San Antonio Real Estate Market Update for May 2021, we saw the San Antonio Real Estate Market hit a Triple-Double!

Double-Digit growth Y-O-Y

  • Median Sales πŸ‘† 17%
  • Average Sales πŸ‘† 21%
  • Sales Volume πŸ‘† 26%

If you are a real estate investor and invest in the Texas real estate market then this episode is a MUST WATCH!

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As real estate investors knowing where the market is and where it's going.


In this real estate market update, we'll share:
0:00Β  Β  πŸš€San Antonio Real Estate Market Update May 2021

1:23   🎯 Monthly Review for San Antonio Real Estate Market

4:27    🎯 Median Sales Price for San Antonio Real Estate Market

5:19    🎯 Monthly Rents Numbers for San Antonio Real Estate Market

6:59    🎯 20 Year Unemployment Stats for San Antonio Real Estate Market

7:50    🎯 Year over Year Appreciation for San Antonio Real Estate Market

8:55    ⚑ Finding where to market for deals

9:23 🎯 Fastest Moving Home Prices For San Antonio

10:28  🎯 Hottest Zip Codes In San Antonio

11:50  🎯 The Worst Zip Codes For San Antonio

12:25 ⚑ How to renovate in a HOT area

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