San Antonio Real Estate Market Update April 2021

If you are a real estate investor and invest in the Texas real estate market then this episode is a MUST WATCH!

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As real estate investors knowing where the market is and where it's going.

In this real estate market update, we'll share:
0:00 πŸš€San Antonio Real Estate Market Update April 2021
0:42 🎯 Monthly Review for San Antonio
3:55 🎯 Why is "Months of Inventory" (MOI) important & what it means
5:58 🎯 Median Sales Price - Keeps climbing up
7:17 🎯 Monthly Rents Numbers
8:11 🎯 20 Year Unemployment Stats
9:03 🎯 Year over Year Appreciation
9:45 🎯 How do I use this info to target the houses we buy
10:36 🎯 Fastest Moving Home Prices For San Antonio
11:45 🎯 Hottest Zip Codes In San Antonio
13:11 🎯 The Worst Zip Codes For San Antonio


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