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Tool Guide

We know how overwhelming it can be to navigate the internet and find the best tools for building and marketing your real estate business. At An Investors Journey, we want to use our years of experience and knowledge on what works and what doesn't, to help you scale your success. Check out all of the resources our team uses for different facets of our business. If you have any questions, shoot us a text to (210) 794-9898 or an email at

Let's crush it.

Communicating with your team

Slack- this software combines texting and emails in one. You are able to talk to your team and send docs all in real-time. They also have a phone app so you can stay in touch with everyone at all times.
Trello- we use Trello for task and project management. You're able to setup lists and tasks with checklists, assign them to certain team members, track the progress, and much more. They too have a phone app.

Storing everything you have

GDrive- we like using Google Drive for many reasons... we store our contracts, all types of documents, pictures of houses we're analyzing, and much more. The best thing with GDrive is that you can share a specific file or folder with whomever you want. It also integrates very well with any other system.
YouTube- we use YouTube to store training videos. We simply upload them as Unlisted and send that link to the VAs. This helps in One, they don't have to download it which could take FOREVER in the Philippines. Two, they won't chew up your storage in your Gdrive 😉

Pulling the BEST lists to market

Propstream- they have a pretty extensive variety of data and good filtering options so you can narrow in on your target list.
Code Violation- You can get this from your county site in San Antonio you can go here.

Prepping your lists to market

Scrubbing Lists- check out Melissa Data. It costs pennies to find out the owner, mailing address, mortgage, and last sale date.
Skip Tracing- calling the owner directly is an excellent way to get more deals. We use BatchSkipTracing to do this. Use promo code for a discount!!

Marketing and Managing Leads

Slingshotsms - this is a great service for Ringless Voicemail Drops (RVM) and text messaging (SMS).
CallTools- best way to knock out thousand+ calls per day. This service allows you to call 3(or more) numbers at the same time. Great for cold calling. BIG discount using this link!!
CallRail - why give ANYONE your personal number?! You can use this service which gives you up 10 phone numbers you can use for business and marketing. Best part, all calls are RECORDED! So, if you’re on the road you can answer and then go back and review for notes. Big discounts using this link!!
REsimpli- this is your All-in-one CRM. It’s a must have if you’re serious about having a future in real estate investing. Big discounts using this link!!

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