Networking Like A Champ - AIJ012

In episode 12 of An Investor's Journey Podcast, we will cover Networking Like A Champ.

I'm tired of going to networking events and seeing people networking all wrong!

I know, you're probably thinking, "How do you network wrong?". 


Every event I go to, I see people just sitting there not moving, or standing in a corner of the room until they leave, or only talking to people they already know!

If you truly want to succeed in real estate you MUST learn to build your network and with valuable connections.

In this episode I go over:

  • Why you need to learn to network
  • Working the room
  • Approaching the right people
  • Building rapport
  • When it's appropriate to hand a business card
  • How to NOT speak to people you know
  • How much is enough network (psst there's no such thing)
  • much more

Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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