How To Hire Contractors | Flipping Houses The Right Way 2021 [series]

🤫 This is the secret to hiring an investor-friendly contractor to help you in your rehabs…


This is why you’re struggling so much to find good contractors.

This video is going to help you if you’ve NEVER hired a contractor before to if you need to find new or more contractors.


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0:00 🚀 How To Hire Contractors
3:12  🎯 The TRUTH about Investor-Friendly Contractor
4:54  🎯 Rehabs are broken down into 2 categories
6:43  🎯 1st of 3 Steps on how to hire Contractors
11:04 🔑 Text “Contractors” to 210-794-9898 - Tips For Flips
11:26 🎯 How To Vet Them - 2nd Step
12:41  🔑 Text "Contractor Cheat Sheet" to 210-794-9898
19:58 🕵️ Become a Detective
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24:30 🎯 How To Hire Them - 1st Step of 3
28:55 🎯 Get a SIGNED Contractor Agreement & W9
30:16 🎯 Don't pay them until they have signed a Partial Lien Release - EVERY TIME
31:43 🚀 BONUS TIP

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